MARCH 2011
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Message from the CE

Dear Readers

Brian BruceMurray & Roberts has more than a century of history and development as a contractor in South Africa and internationally. We started out as an emerging builder in Cape Town in 1902 and entered the top tier of the Construction Industry Development Board register 100 years later.

Murray & Roberts took a strategic decision to lead the South African involvement in major infrastructure projects. We have shown that we are unique in South Africa in having the capacity to do this. We also committed to the socio-economic development agenda of government and society within the principles and objectives of ASGISA, with a focus on the development of local people and capacity.

The South African construction industry, having rallied in recent years primarily through World Cup infrastructure investment, has now descended into its worst slump in decades. The entire construction sector has been down-rated, primarily on poor forward prospects, and asset write-downs, particularly in South Africa.

In addition, the Competition Commission recently released a statement that implicates the entire sector in collusive behaviour, including Murray & Roberts. It is common perception that the construction industry worldwide is collusive. Murray & Roberts has never denied the possibility that some individuals within the organisation may act collusively. But we have been adamant that the 'Mind of the Organisation' as represented by the Board and Management is clear of conscience and absent of guilt.

I and my leadership team are well advanced with our early stage plans for moving forward from here and building a better performance future off our great business platform.

Murray & Roberts remains a strong and vibrant company. We face all our challenges to protect our legacy, preserve our jobs and remain a leader in our sector and society.

Brian Bruce