Cementation Canada and its Injection Hoisting technology was a winner at the recent #DisruptMining competition in Toronto, Canada.

#DisruptMining is a global competition designed to showcase individuals, groups and companies that are using exponential technology and disruptive concepts to tackle the challenges faced by the mining industry.

Using a combination of existing and proven crushing, pumping and slurry technologies, Cementation Canada has developed a proof of concept model for process Injection Hoisting that under certain conditions would eliminate the need for mine shaft production hoisting or trucking, by transporting ore or waste to the surface using a pump driven pipeline loop.

Cementation Canada has been involved in a number of innovative developments over the past years, many of them focused on cutting rather than blasting rock in mine development and shaft sinking. Murray & Roberts Cementation is currently working on blind shaft boring technology and Injection Hoisting may become a parallel enabling technology to enhance the shaft boring system. These rock cutting technologies have great potential but it was recognised that although they proposed a very different mechanism for breaking rock, they still reverted to the traditional methods for moving waste or ore to surface, which often tended to be the bottleneck in the cycle.