Genrec, heavy engineering at its best - 2013 Steel Awards

The main frame and boiler grid support project at Medupi Power Station was the overall winner in the 2013 Steel Awards and also won the mining and industrial award. This was the second consecutive year that Medupi Power Station was recognised at the prestigious awards.

Spencer Erling, a director of the South African Institute of Steel Construction and a respected engineer described the winning project: “The boiler support structures exhibit excellence in the use of structural steel. It is a classic heavy engineering project of spectacular proportions. It is heavy engineering at its best. The structures look clean and simple especially before all the rest of the steelwork, platforms, boiler casings and piping bundles, and other equipment enclose them. Don’t be fooled. These four legged braced monsters soar 105 metres into the sky. They are supplied and erected in five levels.”

Competition judge, Louis Breckenridge, representing the Constructional Engineering Association, commented: “It is difficult to grasp how impressive they are until you get close to these gigantic objects, all the more impressive because of all the contentious publicity surrounding Medupi.

“These structures demonstrate clearly the capability of South African fabricators to supply and erect very sophisticated, heavy structures as well as any country in the world. The quality of the workmanship is exceptional, particularly the welding and fit up.”

Genrec, the Murray & Roberts company responsible for the project, had to satisfy four inspection authorities, and achieved an impressive safety record while fabricating this steelwork.