The Medupi Leadership Initiative, established to provide employment opportunities for workers after completion of the Medupi power station project near Lephalale, has celebrated its first year of operation.

Murray & Roberts actively supports the Medupi Leadership Initiative (MLI) launched by Eskom as a partnership between Eskom and the Medupi contractors in 2013 to address the challenge of sustainable employment around the power station. During the past financial year, Murray & Roberts has undertaken leadership and financial responsibility for two programmes within the MLI, namely the Life Skills Training project and the Drylands Project. The collective expenditure for these two programmes
was R4,4 million during the year.

The collective expenditure for these two programmes was R4 400 000 during the year

The Life Skills Training aims to empower Medupi employees as well as local community members with skills focused on financial literacy and managing change. Two programmes have been implemented since the inception of the MLI:

  • • Financial Literacy
  • • Drive Your Life
The Life Skills project has been underway for over a year and Murray & Roberts has provided R1,1 million in funding for management, implementation and direct training costs. By 30 June 2014, over 10 000 people had participated in the life skills training opportunities.


The Drylands Project aims to provide jobs for employees and community members in projects that are focused on improving the natural environment, promoting sustainable land management and developing a bio-diverse rich, rural green economy. Job opportunities are classified into three primary work streams:

  • • Working on Fire
  • • Working for Ecosystems
  • • Working for Wildlife
Murray & Roberts funded R3,3 million in support of the Medupi Drylands Project and implementation of the project commenced early in 2014 with the completion of recruitment for the work streams. Training has commenced and job placement and land restoration activities will be in full swing by June 2015.